My Funny Valentine
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Our first book is dedicated to a St. Valentines Day: a holiday that draws a lot of attention (not to mention breathless anticipation, romantic fantasies, buyer panic, and institutional disappointment) but is seldom just made a laughing stock The pieces in My Funny Valentine might be warm fuzzies, or cynical snaps, historical enlightenment, or satiric spinouts, or behavioral field notes of Love in our times, but they have one thing in common: they’ll make you laugh. This is one anthology that goes beyond “bathroom reading”: it doesn’t shy from being wrapped in lace, flowers and murmurs to give to loved ones. It’s not a box of chocolates: but it’ll last longer.

More than just a humor book, My Funny Valentine serves as a novel gift card for "Love Day" (or as one of our writers calls it, "Sex For Chocolate Day"), a pocket-sized stocking-stuffer with some staying power.

My Funny Valentine is NOW available for purchase, review, and adoration on amazon.com! Take a look at the spiffy paperback RIGHT HERE Also on Kindle, Smashwords, and all eBook stores.
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