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Submissions FAQ

This is special information for anyone considering submitting to My Funny Books. We have some different characteristics than most publishers, and this tells you what we want and what we offer in return.



Our preference for My Funny Major Medical is material dealing with hospital and medical themes, preferably from patient’s POV, rather than staff. So far accepted material has ranged from light humor in the Erma Bombeck or Dave Barry vein. We look at cartoons and comic strips, games, lists–anything theme-related that will make people spew their coffee.

Here’s the important thing. We don’t occupy or occlude your publication rights. We don’t care if you published this before in your column or blog. If it appeared early in your book, Great! That sort of cross-promotion is exactly what these books are all about. If you have the legal right to submit for publication, then we’re fine with it.

Similarly, we don’t prohibit or hinder future publication of your work. We’d be delighted to see it pop up elsewhere. Again, that’s the whole idea here. Several contributors to My Funny Valentine have since published or sold their pieces.

One thing that drove My Funny Valentine, and which we assume will be a force for quality in My Funny Medical, is that writers can get this exposure for work they have already done, or can use the same piece in future columns or books.

We will send you a release, but all we want from you is top grade, hilarious material without regard to provenance or controlling rights.



As mentioned, there is no monetary pay-out to contributors, but that hasn’t been a problem with writers so far, due to the underlying concept of this anthology, which is not like most books.

It should be fun for readers, but to writers My Funny Books might best be viewed as a promotional tool. It’s not far-fetched to think of it as a writers’ publicity co-op. With some additional privileges not generally found in anthology projects.

1. This is “platform”. Or recognition, or brand-building, or whatever you choose to call it. Your work will be featured on amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Ingrams, Bertrams, and most other outlets– available to order from almost any bookstore in the US, UK, Canada, European Union, etc.

The amazon listing will include the “look inside” feature, including the table of contents, so will be a verifiable reference to your published status. And, please note, qualifies you to list the book on your Amazon Author Page. For new writers, this is often their first publication and launches their author page, an invaluable plank in a writer’s platform.

The contributor pages at the back of every Funny Books title will list each writer’s other books, websites, performance or agent page, evil corporate overlord–whatever aspect of your brand you are trying to make readers aware of. This is a key concept in the creation of this book, and highly synergistic.

The Funny Books will feature your picture, bio…and more links to your projects or profiles. We will abet and enable writers’ followings and announcements online to whatever degree we can.

2. You gain the strength of numbers. This concept is that your inclusion means that it’s not just you trying to push a book: it’s dozens of writers pushing the same book and everybody involved will benefit from all efforts of the entire group. The more books sold, the more people will see your work, your name, your page or book listing. Once available in print, we will co-operate with authors and send them packets of promotional information aimed at drawing as many buyers as possible to the book, and thus to your listing.

We will support the book with videos, with references on book listing sites, and other promo opportunities and support, including semi-tangibles like recommendations on LinkedIn profiles. Funny Books are attractive to bloggers and reviewers because they know that there will be dozens of writers out there linking to them. And those links also increase your own visibility.

3. Unlike “Valentine”, this title has no seasonal tie-in. The upside to that is that it has no “shelf life”: it can continue to be sold indefinitely, meaning you can take advantage of opportunities you see for promotions, signings, local media coverage and independent bookstores. Things like hospital gigs, medical charity drives, and joint appearances with other medical writers: all can be seized as they arise.

4. We have a presence on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn to help you promote yourself and the book. We are especially focused on LinkedIn, where we own the biggest humor writing group and have established My Funny Books as a company. This means you can claim us as an employer, listing yourself as writer, cartoonist, contributor, Space Czar or whatever suits you. We also give good recommendations to any contributor. This is of most benefit to newer writers, but some of the established pros have found it useful, as well. An additional benefit to joining the company and humor writing group, by the way, is that it facilitates connections with other humorists: Funny Books is a young and growing “family” of connection. Our groups also have discussions that allow people to trade “follows” and “likes” on other sites. We send contributors a “tip sheet” on using LinkedIn and our newsletters keep you aware of opportunities.

5. A special feature of Funny Books is that we will allow all contributors to buy books from us at wholesale in order to resell them at maximum profitability through their websites, stand-up gigs, signings, and fairs. You can offer signed books online by mail through PayPal or eBay or your website. You can consign them at local stores, coffeehouses, wherever you are known or wish to be known, also establishing your writer status in your community. You can offer them as prizes in local contests or charities. As an example of tips on how to maximize this, we suggest you place your personal bookmark in each book marking your contribution’s page and providing another reference to your other projects and brand. Several of our contributors feel that they can make more on such sales than they would with the token payments most anthologies offer.

All in all, a our Contributors page is a list of solid writers who have seen it as worth as much as a royalty check split 40 ways.

Another key element in the Funny Books “promo-driven” project is a low cover price: we try to keep all titles under $10 for paperback and $2.99 for ebooks.


We hope you have something side-splitting to show us, and wish you luck.

The Editors


Submissions can be mailed, pasted into body of email, to: myfunnybooks@gmail.com


(Don’t worry about losing formatting: if we like your piece, we’ll tell you how to get a full-featured document to us)

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