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You're never more in need of a nice, healing laugh than when your sick, injured, or "under observation". And our new anthology, My Funny Major Medical,is just what the doctor ordered. This collection of medical/hospital/boo-boo humor from some of the funniest writers alive (or at least on life support) is the prescription for getting a chuckle out of health fails. Mostly "real life" stories from masters of the light-side look, but also including some hilarious medical records bloopers and jokes, it'll palpate your funny bone... and provide a thoughtful gift or "get well card" for ailing friends. Or those in the medical professions who appreciate a little "in-patient" humor.

If you're a doctor
People face you with dread
If you're a dentist
They'll be glad when you're dead
So be a clown, be a clown, be a clown...

      One of those stupid old songs

My Funny Major Medical is NOW available for purchase, review, and adoration on amazon.com! A high-quality ebook on Kindle, and a nice $9.95 paperback for giving or the perfect cheer-up "get well card". Just click the "Buy Funny" button to have a look inside.

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