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Henry Lefler is a sixth grader who has enjoyed drawing since he was in kindergarten. He particularly likes to illustrate and explore life’s many challenges through the art of cartooning. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing piano, boxing and putting his dirty clothes in the hamper. (That last bit is not entirely true.) Henry is single and lives in Santa Monica, California with his family, including his mother (pictured), who wants to be just like him when she grows up.
Henry prefers drawing and "performance art" to publication at this point in his career, but his mom, Anna, writes mild aftertaste humor at The CHICKtionary
Jackie Papandrew has written for many humor, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and newspapers such as The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Tampa Tribune and The Oklahoman. Her honors include a Neal Award from American Business Media and awards from the Oklahoma Press Association, Parenting Publications of America, America's Funniest Humor Press and the Florida Freelance Writers Association. She is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.
Jackie's books, including The Desperate Dad's Guide to Getting Some and Airing My Dirty Laundry are available, along with other sources of mirth, on her Website
Joan Oliver Emmer is a market researcher, budding social worker, blogger and Trophy Wife. She hopes one day to develop a comedy routine invoking all four identities, in the form of a monologue or, more, likely, a Greek tragedy accompanied by an off-key chorus. She is also mother to two boys, who go by the code names Thing 1 and Thing 2 to protect their identities (obviously).
You can read more about Joan and her life living large in the great State of New Jersey at, not surprisingly, JoanOliverEmmer.com
Michael Andreoni after several decades of being referred to as a sarcastic nit, decided to revel in it. Dogs bitten; children frightened. He's available for parties if you're not particular about keeping your friends. His stories and essays have appeared in Pif, Iconoclast, Fogged Clarity, and other publications. He lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Michael's very short story "Wednesday Morning Rodeo" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2010, and can be read online at Thumbnail Magazine. See other short works at TQR and Hippocampus
Saralee Perel is a long time resident and passionate lover of Cape Cod. Her humor column, after running for years in the Cape Cod Times, is now syndicated in over 40 papers nationwide. A frequent contributor to Chicken Soup, Family Circle, Woman's World, Pet Gazette, OCEAN'S, and many other national publication, she is also an essayest for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Her column regularly receives top awards from several press associations.
Saralee's novel "Raw Nerves", A Cape Cod comedic thriller, was selected for Booksense by the American Booksellers Association and is available on amazon.com. See Sarah's work at here website, or follower her on Facebook.
Gregg Podolski struck early, a the age of nine his story "Buck, The Horse Raised By Wolves," a cautionary tale about capitalism's growing influence on the global socio-economic landscape (with horsies) ran in Highlights Magazine after a brief legal dispute over foreign subsidiary rights. Since then, Gregg's humor columns have appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, though he chooses to live in New Jersey with his wife and daughter.
Gregg's first novel--THE NEW NORMAL--is being prepared for publication even as you read this.
Lorraine Sears has finally managed to successfully disguise herself as a responsible adult, but she's a humor writer at heart. Hher work has appeared in e-zines, magazines and anthologies; you can even buy a few of her short stories for your e-reader, published and sold by Untreed Reads, they are also available to buy through the likes of Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble. She is married, living in Buckinghamshire, UK with her husband, two children and assorted pets.
Lorraine edits The Red Asylum ezine and writes for the hoi polloi at her writing blog.
Mike Mulhern was Boston born and bred, but found that a Boston College degree and career wasn’t for him so he wrote a book. Found out that was hard too. When love, Canadian-style came his way he braved the paperwork to follow her to Canada, but ended up in Vermont, working at the Von Trapp lodge in Stowe, which means he essentially owes his job to Julie Andrews and a few catchy tunes.
This period of adjustment has led to some weird writing, which can be sampled at Helium.
V. Karen McMahon was born and raised in southwestern Virginia, but has lived many years in the state's "horse country". Her career included owning and managing an art and gift shop. After many years working as an editor and writer for several companies, culminating in consulting work after retirement, she decided to turn her writing skills to personal writing. To date, she has authored books, short stories, poems and song lyrics.
Karen's recent work includes the thriller "Back There" and "I Saw A White Horse Today", a children's book that fits well with her environment. She has a collection of ebooks as well. See more of her work on her personal website: Writings By Karen
The Weekend Warrior is a nom du mud, an imaginary playmate, a figment of a sick imagination based on the title of a cult classic column once syndicated in dozens of weekly papers that should have known better. While purportedly a guide to weekend behavior--mis or otherwise--it became obvious early on that the Weekend Warrior Column was actually a very unwholesome bit of verbal ledgermain, if not actually subversive. This seems to have increased its popularity, a sad commentary on our times.
Worse yet, it's now a novel, saints help us. "The Way of the Weekend Warrior" is available, until saner heads prevail, at www.adorobooks.com.
Patty Friedmann has always lived, aside from slight interruptions for education and natural disasters, in New Orleans. She is technically married until she gets Medicare. She is the mother of Esme Roberson and Werner Friedmann II and the crazed grandmother of Summer Roberson, Kennedy Friedmann, and Carmine Friedmann.
Patty has been a prolific and celebrated writer with many inclusions and accolades. Her two latest books are a YA novel, Taken Away--finalist for Small Press Book of the Year in 2011-- and a literary e-novel, Too Jewish. And of course a humor book: Too Smart to Be Rich. To see those titles, and her half-dozen darkly comic literary novels set in New Orleans, check out her Website and Author Page.
Leanne Morgan is unusual even among stand-up comediennes: a mother of three from an Appalachian farm whose comedic blend of southern charm and hook'em story-telling has brought her to national broadcasting, film roles, books and CD's and a sitcom in development. A moonlight job selling jewelry at parties led local bookings, then Vegas competitions and spots on "The View". Check her website for her tour dates.
While there, check out the videos of her "Thou Shalt Laugh" tour with Sinbad and "Happiness Is" with Willie Nelson, the Dalai Lama, and John Cougar Mellencamp. And, of course, her hilarious solo CD, "You'd Be Crazy, Too."
El Kartun is a nombre de pluma much better known in Mexico than his given name, Jesus Pedroza. Though a fine artist and instructor on the side, El Kartun is Tijuana’s most dominant cartoonist. The dean of strolling caricaturists, he also draws the only regular local comic strip for the daily “El Sol de Tijuana”. See his work on his FaceBook Page.
El Kartun's book, “Despertad” is a unique and innovative melange of graphic novel, comic, and literature.
Blythe Jewell is based in Austin, Texas, from whence she sallies to use her humor talents for good—though sometimes in a kind of evil way. She is known to thousands for her blog, The Bean, as well as her sporatic attacks on Sexy, Not Slutty, iVillage.com, BlogHer.com, and as part of the national Listen To Your Mother event.
Her most recent projects are a collection of poetry, “Stupid Poems About Random Everyday Things”), and a novel too devastatingly brilliant and comic to quote here.
Mike Gallagher writes a weekly humor column for the Daily Record, a daily newspaper in the small college town of Ellensburg, Washington. He has written his column for the past 25 years and has received state, regional and national recognition. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary 12 times, an honor not diminished at all by the fact he has nominated himself each of those times. Gallagher’s influences include but are not limited to Art Buchwald, William F. Buckley, Jorge Luis Borges, the Marx Brothers and his mother.
For updates and wonders on Mike, check his site at www.dailyrecordnews.com
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