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Amy Bagwell has dreamed of being a writer since last night. In her day job, she uses her many skills and talents as a cook, maid, nanny, therapist, chauffeur, social director, event planner, administrative assistant, procurement manager, and whore. In her secret life, she puts words together, and sometimes the sequences she creates inspire and amuse. Her turn ons are going to the gym, pinot noir, and baking cakes. Her turn offs are flatulence, interrupted sleep, and rejection letters.
Amy contributes to the Greenville, South Carolina, News and a senior resource magazine, and has essays published in small journals. Her creative non-fiction can be found on her blog, Puff Of Inspiration.
Sarah Garb is a collector of intercepted love notes and a distributor of Loud Pills before performances. She corrects children when they mistakenly use the word “tampons” to mean “tadpoles” and occasionally gets fashion advice from her students. She offers the opportunity to read eight-year-olds’ tips for how to have a successful marriage or the most recent thing that elementary school kids think is really cool (spoiler alert – it’s most likely going to be Fake-Picking One’s Nose.)
AThose wonders can be found on Sarah's blog Dead Class Pets. Her writing has also appeared on McSweeney's Internet Tendency, in Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney's Book of Lists, and at An Army of Ermas.
Eve Gaal got a minature typewriter for her fourth birthday, and her life was never the same. Following submitting her adoloescent poems to publishers and writing for college newspapers, she launched a career including restaurant columns for a Newport Beach, California, newspaper, newsletters for the world's third largest amusement park, and using her God-given talent to influence unwary consumers to want new cars.
Eve's work is published in the "God Makes Lemonade" anthology, "Fiction Noir" from Hen House Press, and Goose River Poetry Anthology. More of her writing can be found on her blog, The Desert Rocks
Dan Burt is an ardent bibliophile, but don't say so out loud because he suspects it is illegal in his home state of Alabama, where he currently lives underground with his wife and two sons. Not only is Dan imbued with fancy book learnin' junk, he's also quite experienced in the way of the world. He was a member of a special unit of the U.S. Air Force during the Reagan Revolution, patrolling the jungles of north Florida protecting America from pygmy rattlesnakes and skinks. When his military career ended, Dan became a successful CEO of a phrenology busking business outside a local Chick-fil-A, having only recently retired with a coffee can full of change after being physically removed from the property.
Dan is the creator of the humor website Captain Canard, www.CaptainCanard.com. You can follow him on Twitter @danburt.
Dorothy Rosby is a speaker and humorist whose column has appeared in newspapers in ten Midwestern and Western states since 1996. (The area is home to more cows than people, so the reader should not be overly impressed.) Dorothy grew up in Buffalo, South Dakota, a town of fewer than 400 people in a state that was once left out of the Rand McNally atlas. A former radio announcer, she was once asked by an employer to change her on-air name because “No one will take you seriously with a name like Dorothy.” All of this has led to self-esteem issues that can only be dealt with by a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.
A two-time winner of the South Dakota Press Women's Communications Contest/Humor Column category and second place winner in the 2010 National Federati
Kate Heidel is a humor writer and one-time Jersey Girl who steered clear of any Real Housewives of Jersey Shore by moving to Minneapolis. She has been writing her funny/scary humor for years, notably her regular columns in the presumably satiric Happy Woman Magazine and has had her work translated into French for the arty French send-up of Vogue-like mags, Nunuche.
Some of Kate's most recent humor can be found in Net's Best Satire, a biting assortment of political and pop-culture foolery. And, of course, on her own site: Wear Your Cape
Dawn Weber is a Buckeye lifer who graduated from Springfield Local High School in 1987 then went on to get a bachelor's degree from Kent State University, where she majored in flammable, piece-of-shit cars and cheap beer. She currently she resides in Brownsville (Motto: Indoor Plumbing Optional) with the husband, kids and an ever-changing series of dirty, ill-mannered pets. Her resume includes work at newspapers, corporations and state government, but she's resentful about that. Her goals include thinner thighs, a nap, maybe a solo trip to Walmart.
Dawn's humor has been delighting readers of her ""Lighten Up!" column in the Buckeye Lake Beacon, which has won awards that don't seem to impress anybody, even her. It's definitely worth following her at her eponymous blog unless you are a faint at heart wuss.
Jason Offut lives in Northwest Missouri where he teaches college journalism, and uses his superpowers for good. His books include, “Paranormal Missouri,” “What Lurks Beyond,” “Darkness Walks: Shadow People Among us,” “Haunted Missouri,” and the collection of humor essays, “On Being Dad.”
Jason's newest book, "Paranormal Missouri: Show Me Your Monsters," is available for order from Amazon.com. You can find more of Jason's work at his blog, from-the-shadows.blogspot.com.
Rachel Turner started blogging after the birth of her son to be the first to let the world know that, as a new mom, she had no idea what she was doing. She kept blogging because people were begging her to (and by people she means her mother). Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Rachel has taken mystery writing on the road for twelve years. Her "Make It A Mystery" party business requires that she carry a crime scene in her car at all times. In addition to writing and hosting private and corporate mystery events, she has written two full-length dinner theater mysteries, This Song is For You Mr. Hitler, and A Christmas Carol competition, which were performed across state lines in federal jurisdiction.
Rachel blogs at www.rachelshumor.com.
Cammy May Hunnicutt isn't really particularly funny. First and foremost a Southern Belle (though currently at large) she is also a total bitch. Or so her admirers say. She worked as a model, drifted into lingerie modeling and what not, but is taking an early retirement. Her memoirs of all that can be seen on her site, as "Dirty Undies"
Cammy's so-called "book" -- Considerations Prior To Shooting Your Boyfriend Right In The Nuts -- can be viewed along with her ongoing web serial work on her fancy new website, CammyMay.Com
Mark Hunter is an emergency dispatcher and volunteer firefighter in Albion, Indiana. He lives with his fiancée and a cowardly ball python named Lucius, and has two daughters as well as twin grandsons when he isn't chasing sirens and crises. His column "Slightly Off the Mark" has been carried in northeast Indiana newspapers for twenty years.
Mark's first novel, the romantic comedy "Storm Chaser" was released by Whiskey Creek Press last year and a collection of related short stories, "Storm Chaser Shorts" will appear on Whiskey Creek in May of 2012.
Lisa Tognola is a Jersey Girl, whose daily life as a suburban mom is fraught with challenges and unexpected dangers like adult dinner groups, town hall meetings and home shopping parties. Rather than fight fate, her outer mom embraced it by unleashing her inner columnist, reflecting weekly on life in the 'burbs---the good, the bad, and the ugly..
Lisa's column column at The Alternative Press is called "Main Street Musings", but her own blog has the classier title, Main Street Musings Blog. Her work can also be seen at online magazine More.com. Lisa is also a contributor to Funny Times newspaper where her parody of Oreo cookies was recently featured alongside humor greats Dave Barry and Garrison Keillor--an experience she found so stimulating, she had an Oreogasm. Follow her on twitter @lisatognola.
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