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Everybody loves a good laugh… they’re just hard to find sometimes. That’s where Funny Books come in, with anthologies that bring you the cream of a vast untapped American resource: humor writers you might not have heard of because they work in other regions or in media you don’t access. Funny Books’ contributors are syndicated columnists, TV and comedy writers, winners of the top humor awards. Coming together in special collections that poke a funny bone in the ribs of topics, issues and cultural icons you might not have thought of as humorous before reading these assortments of chortlemongers and guffaw greats.

Our latest title focuses on the lighter side of being sick, injured, hospitalized, clinically violated, and overcharged. Everybody has a doctor story--we just found the funniest ones. "My Funny Major Medical" is designed as more than light reading: it's a great gift for those in the medical professions, and the perfect "best medicine" get well card for those under their care. Available on amazon.com as an inexpensive paperback and Kindle ebook.

Our first title, which reached the best-seller list in its amazon.com categories, is dedicated to St. Valentines Day--with all the emotions and complications that implies--and has proven extremely popular both as a paperback love gift and ebook versions for sheer humor fans.

We have new funny books underway. If you want to be notified of further crack-ups, or when we are open to submissions of more chuckle-bait, please sign up for our NewsList.

Live, love, laugh.

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